Week 5: Weird and Creepy, Time and Space

Blackface played an important role in music. How vile and repulsive is that? I knew what Blackface was but, I was not aware of the Minstrel show. The fact that white people changed their appearance to mock black people is so derogatory and disgusting. I feel like white people low key wanted aspects of the African-American culture incorporated into their own. White people did not have a culture so, they stole African-Americans. The Minstrel show is such an irony because Caucasians hated African-Americans yet, they enjoyed their customs and are purposely imitating them. The posters were also super creepy. I wanted to reach into the picture and save them. To see this as entertainment is puzzling and makes me feel uncomfortable.


During this week we also touched on the topic of music through space and time. Every class I am stunned at how little I pay attention to the present world and the past. I would have never thought that the idea of time somewhat vanishes when we are able to replay back sounds and visuals from the past. Sounds were heard only once and then they were gone but, the development of records helped sound be reheard. Sound can now be heard any time and is not something in the past anymore. The concept of space is also manipulated when we purposely shift the room to fit our needs. Before the microphone, a person had to know the room’s space to make sure they were heard. Now, we don’t need loud voiced politicians or singers because the microphone was created. There is no such thing as “out of time, out of place” because we are now able to make time and space fit our needs anywhere at any time.

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