Week 6: Musically Impaired

Before I formally start my witty blog, I took my notes before I got the feedback from Professor O’Malley so, forgive me if I don’t specifically write quotes or the song titles in this week or next week’s blog. I’m trying. I promise. Please don’t take off points! Now that that has been covered….

We spent Monday’s class listening to different songs in order to help us recognize the difference between European and Afro-Central beats. I was not really able to tell the difference probably because I do not have a musical bone in my body. The only contrast I could literally feel in me was the European 1 and 3 beat which was off to my hearing. It felt like a nail scratching chalkboard. The Afro-Central 2 and 4 beat was definitely more aesthetically pleasing to my auditory system. Most songs nowadays use the 2 and the 4 beat but, then again I couldn’t tell the difference so, what do I know. We then discussed the displaced beat, a mix of European and Afro Central beats, which is 1 AND 3 4. The displaced beat is popular in Havana, Cuba. The song that really made me giddy was Habanera by Bizet. It is one of those songs that brought me back to my childhood when my parents would failingly dance the tango to it and I would always hear this song in many movies.

Also seeing the video of the three guys using the same beat for hundreds of songs made my jaw drop. How could I be so naïve?! It is crazy to think that all these artists, from different genres, use the same basic beat and are making millions off of it. I mean where is the originality, the uniqueness of an artist? It is as though it is impossible to create something new and be different. It’s such a frustrating, hair pulling feeling. I might as well use that beat and heavy auto-tune so I can become rich.

The Postmodern Jukebox group is awesome! Their version of Womanizer by Britney Spears is so much better. Although, I do have to confess, I actually liked Spear’s version but, hearing the ‘40 jazz version was more enjoyable. It comes to show that when you strip out the electronic “music” and auto-tune, the music becomes so much more appealing.

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