Week 12: Put That Hat Away Jasper!


We learned about the scientific part of music this week and it was very interesting. I knew music is basically physics with the pitch of a note determining the frequency and that sound travels through air. I think just being reminded of how the certain joys of the world are the basis of science is a phenomenon. People, including myself, seem to forget the pleasures in life are actually a complex system of equations and science.

Relating music to other components of the world makes me think I’m an idealist. I am a fairly religious person and I do think God purposely created the world in harmony. The fact that music and physics, two very different and distinct subjects, are able to come together and work harmoniously just blows my mind. I do not think this is a coincidence because it is so complex that only The Almighty could figure out.

“All roads in life lead to a man in front of a screen.” A very thought invoking quote- a rare occurrence for me. Applying this to music is something I can see. When I was messing around with GarageBand for my final project its crazy to think I can make a song with a few minor strokes and just a couple of clicks. A piece of art that used to involve actual instruments and people now only requires a human and screen.

GarageBand seems to have more negative effects than positive in my opinion. I noticed much of the loops seem electronic. Music does not have a definition of what it is supposed to be composed of but, from experience and the past, musical instruments seem to be the medium. I don’t want to sound like a geezer as professor would but, I think music is meant to be played on actual instruments. This EDM stuff has these young kids going wild (shakes head).

GarageBand also had subtle racial implementations. Having an outline of the different “artists” furthered the stereotypes of different races. There is literally a guy named Dez with dreads whose drum beat is trap hip hop… Really? That’s is basically saying only black people can create that kind of sound. Although, I must confess, the EDM drummer Jasper with the headphones and out of style snapback did give me a chuckle.

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