Week 14: Thank You!

This course was nothing like I expected. With a search on RateMyProfessor, I started out with an expectation that this course was a good one and the professor was great. I expected PowerPoint slides and occasional “professor joke” but, I did not expect to be mind blown in most of the classes and truly interested in the material!

I am a very straightforward, give me the right answer kind of student so, I did have a struggle in the beginning trying to open my mind and be an ignorant student. Ignorant in the sense that it is okay to not know an answer and to question abstract theories. This class had me really nervous when I looked at the syllabus to find there were no tests and quizzes because I usually do well on them and I wanted to make sure I had an a. Now, I look back and really appreciate the teaching method because I truly understood and payed attention in class. The material was presented in a way that I was the judge of what was right or wrong and I had to critically think about issues, situations, history, etc. Although I did not speak in class, my mind was 100% participating. Thanks to this class I think twice about music, life and school. I also can sound like a snobby, know-it-all college student when I talk to my family about the history of music during the holidays. When my ivy league graduate aunts and uncles ask me what I learned in college, I can nonchalantly say, “Oh, you know, the usual. How white America has mass appropriated the culture of ethnic minorities and how the format of music has produced social and industrial problems that occur in our everyday lives that we fail to notice.” I’m sure that will be a great conversation starter.

I just want to thank you, professor, for a well taught class. I’m not sucking up for a good grade but, rather, appreciating the way you did not force material down our throats and how you were uncensored in showing us information about the past. I am grateful and thankful I took this class and I wish every class could be as eye-opening as HIST 390.

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